Why You Should Select Commercial Refrigeration for Your Business

Commercial refrigeration systems are essential for any business that requires storing food and beverages at proper temperatures.

Supermarkets, grocery stores, restaurants, fast-food chains, convenience stores and liquor stores all need a reliable refrigeration system to store their food.

Improper storage and temperatures can lead to unsafe food consumption and foodborne illnesses.

Commercial refrigeration systems should have the proper cooling conditions based on the type of refrigeration. For example, walk-in coolers should be efficient and work at a perfect temperature as conditioned air escapes easily when they are opened.

If your business keeps refrigerators close to the customer for easy access, the temperature should be ideal for preserving and consuming the ingredients.

Choose the right system that provides you with perfect storage temperatures. Rely on McMullen’s Refrigeration & Heating Ltd for quality commercial refrigeration services throughout Red Deer and Central Alberta. We have been providing services ranging from reach-in units to larger commercial refrigeration systems since 1961.

Some reasons to choose commercial refrigeration for your business are:


1. Convenient Storage

The major benefit of choosing a commercial refrigeration system is storage. Frozen food merchandisers and glassdoor merchandisers can store items conveniently. Consumers can easily access the ingredients. Refrigerators also provide an ideal temperature that keeps food ingredients fresh and consumable.


2. Safe Freezing

For businesses that require a blast freezer or an ice-cream freezer, an ideal temperature is maintained that reduces the risk of contamination. With blast freezer, the crystals formed during freezing are small, which preserves the quality of food.


3. Ideal Display

Commercial refrigerators using glass doors provide a great view of your stored items. They are perfect for showcasing the things you have to offer to your customers. Open-faced coolers are helpful for your customers since they can easily check out your products.


4. Easy to Restock

It is easy to check and restock the products in your refrigerators because you can easily see through the glass doors. You won’t need to open the fridge just to check whish products need restocking.


5. Easy Cleaning

Glassdoor appliances are easy to clean and maintain. You can easily see the interior through the glass and keep it.


6. Internal Lighting

Most commercial refrigerators have internal lighting made of LEDs that showcase the products clearly to customers. LEDs are also energy efficient as they consume less electricity.


7. Easy to Fit

Since commercial refridgerators come in a wide variety of sizes,  you can find a system that  easily fits the space you have. You can also select the materials based on durability and the amount of traffic you might receive on a given day.


8. Meet Diverse Demands

With a commercial refrigerators or freezer, you can serve different customers based on their demands. For example, you can store off season items in stock giving your business a unique business opportunity.

When it comes to choosing a commercial refrigeration system, select a system based on its functionality. Additionally, get the system inspected every few months to make sure it is in working order. Scheduling routine maintenance will help prevent problems with your refrigeration system.

McMullen’s Refrigeration & Heating Ltd provides installation, service and repair for commercial refrigeration units. Our experienced staff offers 24/7 emergency service to take care of your needs. We also offer restaurant equipment repairs and services, furnace maintenance, air conditioning installation and repair services.

Contact us today for reliable commercial refrigeration services.

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