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7 Furnace Maintenance Tips to Consider This Autumn

Keeping your furnace in good working condition with timely maintenance and repairs will help extend its operating life and save you money on the cost of heating your Red Deer home. At McMullen’s Refrigeration & Heating Ltd, we provide residential and commercial heating services in Red Deer. As winter begins to approach, here are our tips for keeping your furnace in good shape.

  1. Inspect your furnace
    Start by carrying out a visual inspection of different furnace components. You should check the gas valve for signs of wear and tear, the heat exchanger for any cracks, the outer panels to make sure they are properly attached, and the belts and pulleys to make sure they haven’t become damaged or loose. If you do spot any damage or concerning wear and tear on any of these components, it’s best to call for professional furnace maintenance.
  2. Clean the blower
    Improve the efficiency of your furnace by cleaning any dust and debris from the blower compartment using a vacuum with a brush attachment. For an even more thorough cleaning of the blower, you can take it out of the compartment by removing the bolts holding it down.
  3. Clean the burners
    Ensure that your furnace is combusting properly by vacuuming the burners as well. You can use a wire brush to remove stubborn debris and a can of compressed air to blow dust out of any nooks and crannies.
  4. Clean the pilot
    A clean pilot will help keep your furnace from unexpectedly shutting down. You can simply vacuum or sweep away any accumulated dust and use fine steel wool for a more thorough cleaning.
  5. Clean up around the furnace
    The area around your furnace should always be kept clear to reduce the risk of fire, provide your furnace with a steady supply of air, and allow for easy maintenance access. Take some time to tidy up and organize.
  6. Vacuum your vents
    Your furnace will have to work harder if it is blowing air through vents that are clogged with dirt and dust. Keep the vents clean by using a brush and a vacuum to pick up any accumulated debris.
  7. Change the filter
    One of the most important parts of furnace maintenance is changing the filter on a regular basis, as it allows your furnace to run more efficiently. If your furnace filter is due or overdue for a replacement, then make it a priority to install a new one.

Need Professional Furnace Maintenance in Red Deer? We’ve Got You Covered

If you discover any problems with your furnace while performing autumn maintenance, then you can trust the Red Deer residential and commercial heating experts at McMullen’s Refrigeration & Heating Ltd to come and take a look. We will provide you with all of the necessary maintenance to keep your furnace running and let you know when you need furnace replacement. Our experienced technicians will make sure you have a furnace that can heat your home effectively and efficiently.

To schedule furnace maintenance or a furnace replacement in Red Deer, just contact McMullen’s Refrigeration & Heating Ltd today!

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