Boost Business and Save on Utilities With The Help of an HVAC Expert

Your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems are important to your business. If you face any problems with them, you should rely on the services of a professional HVAC company.

At McMullen’s Refrigeration & Heating Ltd., we provide a wide range of HVAC services to commercial establishments in Red Deer. We provide installation, maintenance and repair services to all facets of commercial heating and cooling systems for a wide range of buildings, including:

  • Malls
  • Grocery stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Fast food chains
  • Restaurants
  • Liquor stores
  • Strip Malls
  • And all commercial buildings!

In this blog, we will show you 8 great reasons why you should hire an HVAC professional for your business needs and how doing so can contribute to a smaller utility bill.

8 Advantages of Hiring a Professional to Service, Maintain and Repair Your HVAC System

As your air conditioner system is important to your business, you need to make sure that it works in top condition. Hiring a professional HVAC company can give you several benefits ranging from:

  1. Savings
    You may be confident that you can fix a malfunctioning HVAC system and that the DIY approach can save you money and time. However, without the expertise or equipment to fix your HVAC system, this could lead to more issues and a larger bill. When your system is serviced by a pro, it gets repaired quickly and efficiently. In case something is broken in the process, it will be fixed by the mechanic right away. We do quarterly maintenance on your equipment and always make sure it’s in top-notch condition locally in Red Deer.
  2. Specialized Tools
    Professional HVAC companies have the right equipment and tools designed for installation, cleaning and repair of your commercial HVAC unit. From high-pressure vacuum cleaners to strong antimicrobial solution, they have the necessary gear.
  3. Wide Range of Services
    A professional HVAC company offers a broad array of services. Our commercial HVAC services include:

    • Boilers
    • Air conditioning service
    • Air and exhaust systems
    • Duct system design
    • Shop heaters
    • Unit heaters
    • Server room air conditioning
    • Custom preventative maintenance programs
    • Sheet metal installation and fabrication
    • Infrared heaters
    • Building controls
  4. Safety
    Repairing your HVAC system on your own can be dangerous; it can endanger your business and your customers. For instance, the smell of burning or electrical coils can be a sign of an issue with the motor or wiring. Your cooling and heating systems can help mildew and mould thrive. If you smell a musty odour, it indicates mould growth or moisture problems in the system.
  5. Skills
    With the right skillset, an expert can identify the warning signs shown by an AC and repair it effectively and quickly. We have expert technicians who can fix a wide range of brands and models, such as:

    • Daikin
    • Lennox
    • York
    • Goodman
    • CaptiveAire
    • Calcana
    • Reznor
    • Roberts Gordon
    • EngA
    • Carrier
  6. Time-Saving
    A bonafide HVAC professional has spent their entire career working on cooling and heating systems. Whether it is installation, repairs or maintenance, they have the right experience to identify and repair faults quickly.
  7. Warranties
    If you attempt to repair your HVAC system on your own, you will nullify your warranty completely. A majority of makes and models need you to schedule yearly professional servicing and preventive maintenance. Abiding by this rule makes sure the system is kept in good condition. It also enables you to take advantage of the warranty period. When you schedule timely maintenance, there are fewer chances of problems arising. This, in turn, means that you get to bypass costly repairs or even replacements in the future.
  8. Latest Technology
    Professional HVAC companies such as McMullen’s Refrigeration & Heating Ltd. offer the latest products and technologies available in the market. From sophisticated air quality technologies and smart thermostats to geothermal and ductless systems, we have got your needs covered. If you have a system that is nearing or has crossed the 20-year threshold, you need to upgrade without further delay. The installation of a brand-new and top-of-the-line system may be expensive. In the long run, however, modern energy-efficient HVAC systems will save you much more.

With more than 50 years of experience, we take care of the commercial heating, cooling and plumbing needs of business establishments in Red Deer. Our professionals are thoroughly trained, certified and fully insured. Contact us today to request a quote or to get more information on our commercial HVAC services.

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