3 Reasons Why Your AC Isn’t Cooling Your Home

Do you have an air conditioning unit that’s not performing well? If so, here are three possible causes behind the problem and how to go about getting your AC back up and running.


1. Thermostat Issues

Most central air conditioning units rely on a thermostat, which is a sensor that ensures your home stays at the specified temperature. Here are common thermostat issues that’ll prevent your AC unit from functioning properly:

  • Dead batteries can cause the thermostat to stop working entirely, which means it won’t be able to tell your AC to start working.
  • Dirt buildup can prevent accurate temperature readings, and a simple clean-up will resolve the issue.
  • Poor installation or impact to the unit can leave the thermostat off-kilter, thereby preventing it from providing an accurate temperature reading. To check this and, if applicable, fix it, just use a carpenter’s level.

These issues are easy to resolve yourself, but sometimes damage to the components will require professional help.

2. Electrical Issues

A problem with your home’s wiring can cause your AC to fail in a number of ways. A common issue is when a surge occurs after a power outage. This can trip a breaker and cause your air conditioning unit to fail. Simply check your electrical box and reset the breakers. If that doesn’t fix the problem, you’ll need to call a professional to repair your AC unit.

If the AC unit itself is tripping the circuit breaker, then you have a serious problem on your hands. If the unit starts up after resetting the breaker but trips it a few minutes later, don’t turn it back on, as doing so could cause a fire. This issue can be caused by a host of serious problems, from mechanical issues to coolant leaks, so call a professional as soon as possible.


3. Air Filter Issues

Dirty air filters restrict air flow, which means they can easily impede your air conditioning unit’s performance. This is, fortunately, an easy fix. Find your owner’s manual and determine whether your filters are washable. If they are, clean them as per the instructions. If not, replace them.

When to Call a Professional

Any problem that requires something more than a quick adjustment or a bit of cleaning should at least be investigated by a professional. Central air conditioning and heating units are complex systems and it’s easy to put yourself at risk if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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